Why Consultancy is Important for any ICO ?

We have got end no. Of messages and request to write on the topic related to the importance of Consultancies for any ICO. So, in this piece of writing we are going to clear all your doubts regarding how Consultancies play a major role for any ICO. First of all we want to clear that what ICO actually is.

ICO is the modern or present day tool for raising funds for new journeys, ventures and start ups, ICOs or we can even say Initial Coin Offerings have been extremely famous in the last couple of years financing astonishing project.

At present date millions of people are contributing day by day, putting their crypto currency play in ventures that will assist the block chain technology develop, cherish and flourish. The technology of Block Chain has emerges to a new way to finance companies where a start up can emit a few millions tokens or coins that are not at all based on any value, however the system that will be worked in the arranged manner. Startups use Initial Coin Offerings to bypass the regulated and rigorous capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.

The role of ICO Consultant or different Consultancies is very important in Launch of a Successful ICO; they offer strategic consulting services for start ups looking to raise capital through ICO. It is a package which includes consulting, community management and marketing. They are uniquely positioned to help the ICO entrepreneur in launching their business successfully, but more importantly, ensure adequate business planning.

A good consultancy will assist you in launching your ICO in a no. Of ways, let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. End-to-End ICO Marketing: A perfect Consultancy offers ICO marketing services that generate the traffic, leads and ultimately capital into your token raise. From ICO Public Relations to the bounty campaign, the consultancy will tailor your messaging and make ensure maximum exposure to your ICO through a wide network of news platforms. The consultancy will employ a global team of marketing specialists, content developers and web developers to maximize your campaign of ICO. They will offer you a full scale ICO marketing solutions along with a la carte offerings to meet your targets, budget and timelines.
  2. ICO Technical: Putting a great idea into practice takes the right set of skills. A good consultancy’s technical team will have a good and complete command of blockchain node creation, proficient in Python, C++, Go, Java and others. They will create and even manage your user wallets for your crowdsale, and assist you in incorporating metadata and external references. Search for a good consultancy who have a specialization in smart contract creation in Solidity, Serpent, and LLL, and can even generate smart contracts along with custom User Interfaces for your platform.
  3. ICO Legal: ICOs generally face serious requirements with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer [KYC] regulations. These rules are put in place to protect consumers and businesses alike. Your ICO will require to carefully support these workflows to make sure that you protect both yourself and your contributors. A consultancy’s trusted network of legal professionals as extensive experience in International money regulations and can take the guesswork out of your compliance process.
  4. ICO Financial: Having difficulties determining the initial value of your token? The answer is book-building and book-running. Through a consultancy’s network of net worth investors, they can analyze the value of your ICO, determine the token strategy and even assist in creating an off-market book that will offer confidence to your ICO contributors.
  5. Post ICO Support: Trust is built on Integrity. A good Consultancy will have a team of experienced financial professionals who can, audit and even build reports for your financial data. Once your ICO is complete it is critical to maintain customer trust, and their system ensures this is achieved.

So, these were some of the services which a good Consultancy will give you. We hope that the confusion that “Why Consultancy is important for any ICO” has been cleared now. But you have to choose your consultancy wisely.